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Packed with over 220 images, illustrations, charts and graphs as well as over 61,000 words. This is the astrophotography book you want to start out capturing those beautiful, faint, deep space objects. I will take you on a journey exploring all aspects of astrophotography including in-depth details of field rotation, focusing methods, as well as explaining not just the what and how, but the ever important why. Actually see why you stack multiple images and what effect it has. Don’t just read about how the atmosphere affects imaging, see it through experimentation that you can do at home on your own!

My desire in creating this astrophotography book was to take the novice from selecting their telescope and mount all the way through processing those final astrophotography pictures. If you are looking for a single complete source for all the information you need to get going, this is the astrophotography book for you.

Look for it on in both Kindle edition and in print, and at other fine retailers.

You can purchase it NOW at this link!

Listen to comments from the readers:

Finally, a book that makes some sense of the maze that is astrophotography. Thank you Allen!” – R.B.P. via

This book is really a one-stop-shop as far as it goes for astrophotography. I have learned more in reading 75 pages of this book than I have with about a month of research browsing forums online. I am pleasantly surprised and highly recommend this book for anyone looking to start this hobby! ” – Kelsey M. Tenney via

“It’s loaded with good practical advice. He covers the whole gamut in a language that’s not difficult for a beginner to follow.” – M. Reed via

Files related to my astrophotography book can be downloaded below:

 acrobat Read the table of contents
 acrobat  Read the introduction 
 zipfile  M78 processing example lights, WARNING: over 1.2GB of data! 
 zipfile  M78 processing example darks, 345MB
 zipfile  M78 processing example bias, 310MB
 zipfile  NGC2244 RGB channels, 216MB
 zipfile  Mizar spectroscopy processing example, 31KB

I hope you enjoy my Getting Started: Long Exposure Astrophotography book!

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