M81 - First DSO

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Craig Bowers
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M81 - First DSO

Post by Craig Bowers » Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:24 am

Just wanted to say what a greatly helpfull book this was.

I have been into astronomy and own telescopes since age 11, but onyl now age 33 have i been in a position to afford to get into astrophotography.

As most of us, i assume, i started out with webcam planetry stuff but soon wanted to progress in to DSO. So i went out bought the right equipment and rapidly realised that owning the stuff was the easy bit ;)

I had dabbled with some easy dso targets, namely M45 and M42 with reasonable results but could get the hang of the real faint\deep stuff.

I bought the book about a month ago BAM! my first galaxy captured.

Really found this book so helpful. So with out further a do i present my humble rendition of M81 - Bodes Galaxy.


This is a 45min exposure composed 200 second subs, + Darks and Flats

Equipment used:

Canon EOS 500D, CPC800, @ F\6.3. Guided with using ZWO 60mm Scope + ASI120MM

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